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The Ultimate Guide to Pet-Friendly Holidays: Tips and Tricks

Updated: Apr 3

As dog owners ourselves, we know how important it is to still be able to enjoy high-quality holidays with your furry friend in tow. We have many properties in our portfolio that are pet friendly, and we’ve not scrimped on any of the finishes, so you can enjoy a touch of luxury in your home away from home.  And it’s not just about your comfort, but your dog will be looked after too their own welcome basket.

But like with humans, dogs need their comforts to make their trip enjoyable, so here are 5 top tips on making your next holiday with your dog easy for the whole family! 

Collar and tag

Dogs like adventure, even the best behaved, so make sure your dog is microchipped, has a collar and tag for easy identification and consider a GPS tracker/Apple Airtag so you can see where they are should they get lost in an unfamiliar place. 


Take plenty of fresh water, particularly when travelling in hot weather. Make frequent stops to allow your pup to drink and exercise.

Crate or seatbelt

For the safety of you and your pet, make sure your furry friend is secure in either a travel crate or a well-fitting harness and safety belt. This avoids them distracting you, as well as protects them in case of any accidents or sharp movements. 

Bedding and blankets

Bring a familiar blanket or bed wherever your dog will be travelling in the car, or in own of our homes to help them settle in to their new environment. 

Walkies Essentials

We don’t provide all the essentials for taking your dog on walks/trips, so be sure to pack your lead, poo bags, balls and toys, treats and a towel (or two) if they are fond of a dip in the sea! 

If you are staying in one of our pet friendly homes, you will want to explore the New Forest with your furry friend in tow. Thankfully the New Forest can be a very pet friendly place if you know what to do and where you are going, so we’ve taken out the hard work and given you a round up of 5 top places to visit with your dog in tow. 

We take pride in our holiday homes, preparing them lovingly for your arrival. All we ask is that you look after them as if they were your home, and that includes any furry friends! As dog owners ourselves, here are our top 5 tips to doggie etiquette when travelling with your family pet. 

Hygiene First

Before the trip why not give your pet a pamper with a clean and clip. As well as a treat for the doggie, it means they will be the star of the show wherever you go, smelling fresh and looking like a superstar. It’s also never a bad idea to travel with a roller brush so you can keep any surfaces free of dog hair. 

Making Friends

Keep in mind that not everyone likes dogs so keep an eye on your furry friend and their interactions with others and keep them close by to avoid upsetting anyone. Similarly, if your dog is nervous be sure to let people know before they dive in for a pet and a cuddle!  


Make sure you respect where you are walking your four legged friend, being sure to pick up any dog poop, dispose of the poo bags appropriately and look for appropriate places to give them a spruce up if they get a little muddy on their adventures. If you want to let your dog have a run around off the lead, make sure the space is enclosed and safe for them, asking locals and fellow dog walkers for the inside scoop. 

Out & About 

Take note of places that are pet friendly and respect the decisions of establishments regarding pet access. If they are pet friendly, consider those around you and don’t treat a public place as you would home. For instance, you may let your dog sit on your lap at home whilst eating dinner, but it’s not always appropriate when eating out to do the same.

Prepare for the unexpected

A new place can be unsettling for humans, so be prepared for your dog to act differently when on holiday. It may take them a while to settle in to their new surroundings, so be mindful of barking, where to take them on toilet trips and perhaps even introduce yourself and your pet to the neighbours so that you start on the right foot and make sure everyone has a happy holiday. 

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